Michal Mráz aka MM

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MM “Standing”, 90x100cm, acryl and spraypaint on canvas, Bratislava 2012 – sold –


Michal Mráz

Michal Mráz aka MM is an artist, illustrator, sculpteur and muralist from Bratislava. The artist’s work bridge the gap between modern stencil realism and graffiti. Inspired by nature, urban life style, graffiti and pop culture, his bold, representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating.
In 2009, MM graduated with Distinction from Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Atelier J. Hoffstädter in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2012, his work was nominated for the Artaq Urban Art Award in Paris. MM was born and raised in Bratislava, Slovakia where he currently resides with his wife and two daughters.
MM is represented by the UAC Gallery in Berlin.


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Atlas kollabo atlas wall RIOT-DEJOE STREET YOGA 4 PROST

We ´ve got some dope pieces in the current group exhibition at the Atlas Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg… check it out if you are in Berlin City!

Atlas Gallery, Forster Str. 5
open from wed till sun


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DJ Rhianon dj-GDxBonesTT_Blk_F dj-GLAHandsSS_Blk_F-1 IMG_1940


ATTENTION! for those who know that DZT! is NOT releasing any lady wear… there is a super limited collection for the ladies only… check em out… DJane Rhiannon represent one of em 2 the fullest!


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we did a super special screen print jam for our friend MEIN LIEBER PROST! congrats if you was one of the lucky people that got one of these limited prints… thx to erybody who supported!!!


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we are working hard on all the december art shows… but this will be the highlight! THE PLATOON EXHIBITION in berlin mitte is the very last URBAN ART CLASH exhibition in 2012 and will be the very 1st in the year 2013… come and see over 30 int. artists in this open studio/gallery space in the heart of berlin… just 3min walk from the alexanderplatz

14.12.2012 – 14.01.2013 @ The Old Fabric Hall and The Platoon Kunsthalle
Schönhauser Allee 9, Berlin-Mitte

We´ve just started to do some audiovisual experiments in the art house. The very first session was the bomb and we had a great time with KALMA VJ and ONYX ASHANTI performing his Beatjazz. Episode 1 was a great meeting of friends and we do it every saturday till end of the year. hope to see you soon…

Beatjazz is what you get when you cross a sci-fi obsessed electronic jazz artist with a futurologist instrument inventor. the result of 20 years of conceptualization that has taken Onyx Ashanti on a conceptual journey from mississippi to California to London to NYC and finally to Berlin, where he now resides. Beatjazz is a completely live, improvised form of electronic music with no boundaries. Onyx creates all aspects of his self-created style, live, from scratch…nothing pre-recorded or pre-concieved. he plays each part, one part at a time and builds one-of-a-kind sonic-architecture. So, to aid in this concept, he also created a one-of-a-kind musical instrument to play it with. he calls it a beatjazz controller. with it, every motion, every breath is creating sound which he transforms into space-age funky grooves. Onyx sounds like the offspring of Roger Troutman, Timbaland, and John Coltrane. having cut his teeth playing the southern California rave scene in the late 90’s, he spent the first half of the the 2k’s playing and recording with the likes of Soul II Soul, Basement Jaxx and Marshall Jefferson. the last 3 years has seen him take on the challenge of creating a new form of music for a new age. a form un-encumbered by genre. armed with a computer full of his own custom designed synths and effects, onyx can construct any style of music imaginable and quite a few that aren’t. The beatjazz controller, which Onyx designs and “prints” at home using a Reprap 3D Printer, is really a three-way wireless sensor network that converts his finger, hand, and breath movements, into musical control data, which allows him to play synthesizers with dance-like movements and saxophone-like fingerings. In addition, Onyx created a light based “element narration” subsystem that relates sound types to colors so the audience has a better idea of which part of the arrangement that Onyx is playing at any given time. the system was designed specifically for beatjazz and the combination of the two together create a never before realized marriage of sound, light and motion. Onyx has now begun his new sonic journey in earnest and plans nothing less than to change the entire infrastructure of what the world calls music and to inject a much needed “live-ness” to electronic music culture by not only performing beatjazz, but also sharing his concept with the world as an open source project-controller plans, as well as musical concepts-, so that beatjazz may virally find its way into every aspect of modern music. Beatjazz is the natural progression and result of the atomization of music culture.



Martin Travers

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Martin Travers is an international muralist, street artist and professional visual artist. He is highly experienced in a wide range of disciplines including murals, fine art, scenic and specialist decorative painting. Martin travels the world painting murals and working on community arts projects, giving workshops on culturally diverse developmental arts. Martin’s goal is to work towards building positive creative alternatives for “at risk” youth and communities. He specializes in teaching and facilitating workshops on this subject. Martin is certified in “youth arts” through the National University of Ireland, Dublin. “Journeys through Struggles and Dreams” is the name of my first ever body of work painted as a series on canvases after more than 15 years of working as an artist in the community or commercial field, usually doing commercial art to pay for doing community art. Many years of painting for other people, this new series is a stab at me being completely independent. I can for the moment paint the things that have inspired, moved, motivated and sometimes sadden me. It’s a very personal account of the people I have met on my own life’s journey from growing up on a council estate to chatting with revolutionaries in Cuba, seeing peoples lives destroyed in Palestine to painting murals on the side of a river in Kathmandu. These are some of the people whose stories, whose struggles and whose dreams I have carried and have carried me on my journey.

You can see his work in the current URBAN ART CLASH exhibition in Neukölln, in the Atlas Gallery in Kreuzberg and very soon in the art house. We are also looking for some walls in Berlin (indoor and outdoor) where he can paint a mural. If you have any idea pls PM us or write to brokenhome@seznam.cz

Estevan Oriol

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Estevan Oriol started his career in entertainment as a bouncer at hip-hop clubs before moving on to tour manage acts Cypress Hill and House of Pain. During that time he became passionate about photography and began documenting his life on the road. When he returned home, his reputation afforded him unlimited access to photograph gang members and celebrities alike. His work has been featured in Complex, FHM, GQ, Vibe, Rolling Stone, and dozens more. Oriol has directed music videos for Eminem, Cypress Hill, Blink 182 and others. His recent photography book, LA Woman captures the beauty and danger of the subject in a lush hardbound edition a decade in the making.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Oriol pulls inspiration from the city and reflects its sensibilities in his work. Southern California juxtaposes the glitzy and the gritty more than anyplace on Earth and those extremes are visible both in Oriol’s choice of subject and execution. Whether he’s photographing gang life, a fashion model, or Dr. Dre, there is a voice in his work that is distinctly LA.

come and visit the art house in kreuzberg or the current URBAN ART CLASH exhibition in neukölln to see more dope flix from ESTEVAN ORIOL a.k.a. MR. CARTOON


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PROST a.k.a. MEIN LIEBER PROST is one of the most wanted street artists in the city of berlin. if you go to berlin you cant miss his funny characters, they will smile on you on almost every corner. come and see some of his canvas art in berlins smallest art house in kreuzberg or some murals in the URBAN ART CLASH exhibition on 4.000qm in neukölln… we have also some super limited screenprints of his art.

I*m still good at doing bad things 
Artist: PROST mixed media on canvas, 40 x 30 cm – 300 EUR –


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check out this masterpice done by one of the urban art clash artists MTO